About Us

Our research is focused on interfaces, their unique properties, and how they can be applied to renewable technologies. This is a sweeping range of topics, starting from the fundamentals of quantum mechanics and thermodynamics, to the development of new materials for battery electrodes and new thermoelectric devices.

Dr. Hepplestone’s interests in the areas of interfaces and renewables combines a love of the fundamentally interesting science of interfaces with the vital and pressing need to address climate change and develop technologies for the world of tomorrow.

The group wiki (open to all to view) gives a list of our current research, group members, and insight into some of our research (though like all groups, maintaining it is always a pain!).

If you are interested in doing a research project with us on the crossover between renewables and quantum mechanics, or you are interested in the fundamental science of interfaces, please get in touch with Dr. Hepplestone at s.p.hepplestone@ex.ac.uk